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Welcome to our site. Please note that the correct basic strategy will vary slightly, based on the rules used at a particular casino / table. This site will provide you with the appropriate strategies for all the popular BJ games.


Start by Learning One Strategy:

For the average player, especially a beginner, it is hard to learn more than one strategy, so you should walk before your run. I recommend that you learn the strategy that you will playing the most and use it everywhere for a while. It is easy to learn the exceptions later once you have mastered it. It is better to play the one strategy well, without mistakes.

The chart below can be used as a starting point. The only exception would be if you play single deck often. If yes, then see our single deck card.

Generic Basic Strategy Chart

Multiple deck blackjack strategy

H = Hit | S = Stand | D = Double when allowed; else: hit | Ds = Double when allowed; else: stand | P = Split

                          Surrender 16 vs. 9, X or Ace (if rules allow surrender)
                          Surrender 15 vs. X

Insurance should never be purchased.

Tips for printing

  • Use your mouse to right click on the card above. Then select "Print Picture".

By the way, stay away from the new single deck games in vegas that pay 6:5 for blackjack (rather than 3:2). The odds favor the house more than other games. Play double deck if you cannot find a 3:2 single deck game.

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